Malibu Makos offers the following tips on surfboard care and how to keep your surfboard in great condition.

Have a Surfboard Bag

When out of the water, always keep your surfboard on a bag to prevent damage such as punctures or cracks.

Store it Safely

Long exposure to sun can damage your board’s fiberglass. Store it in a cool place where there is shade.

Secure It

A wind or ground shake can knock down and destroy surfboards placed against the wall. Prevent this by installing wall brackets or rack for your surfboard.

Ongoing Maintenance

Even minor cracks and dirt could damage your surfboard. Make sure to rinse it off to clean it and repair cracks or punctures before taking the board back in the water.

Infographic on four tips about surfboard care

Malibu Makos Facts

Started in 1991 by Tom Corliss, Malibu Makos Surf Club is now widely known as Southern California’s premier kids’ surf camp. Makos also offers Saturday surf camp, individual and group surf lessons, private beach parties and corporate events, and private lifeguard services.

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