Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-up online?

Click on on any CAMP SIGN-UP or REGISTRATION buttons on this website. Or click REGISTRATION!

What are Kids Surf Camp hours?
Camp hours are 9:00AM to 3:00PM.
How flexible is the scheduling of Makos Kids' Summer Surf Program?

Malibu Makos offers very flexible and custom scheduling. Students simply have to choose the days and times that they want to attend camp and then show up. If you have any questions regarding scheduling please contact us and we will accommodate your needs. The online registration process will allow you to customize your schedule.

What if my child or I miss a day of Surf Camp?

You can make up the missed day anytime during the summer. Let us know in advance when you plan to make-up the day of camp. Contact us and specify the campers name, the missed date of camp, and your preferred makeup date. Also include any transportation details (i.e. location you need transport from). Make up days are not available for Season Pass holders.

What if my child does not use any or all the days of the Season Pass?

All Malibu Makos season passses are non refundable, non transferable, cannot be split between family members or friends and expire at the end of the classic camp summer season for which they were signed up for. Season Pass holders will not receive a refund or credit for any unused days. The same policy will apply should Malibu Makos deem it necessary to cancel camp to protect the health and safety of its campers and staff, or due to other unforeseen circumstances.

What if we are late to Surf Camp in the morning?
This is LA and people are fashionably late. So of course you may come to camp if you are late in the morning. Make sure that you check in with our staff at the front sign-in beach desk and let them know your situation. If no one is there, find a staff member and they will direct you in what to do.
Are parents allowed to participate in Kids' Surf Camp with their children?
Yes, in the past, parents have actually done the kids surf camp with their children. Parents participate in all the activities they choose from surfing to dodge ball.
What do I (or my child) need to bring to camp?
Participants should bring a lunch, sunscreen, hat, sandals, bathing suit, sweatshirt, and backpack. Makos provides wetsuits, surfboards, body boards, umbrellas, and other beach equipment. Campers can bring their own lunch or take advantage or our daily healthy lunch option which can be purchased separately during beach check-in each morning for $10 (cash only please!). Lunches are delivered fresh daily at lunchtime (12:00PM).

Makos recommends using permanent marker to write your child’s name on all items from home. Parents should  check that their kids have all belonging at the end of every day of surf camp. Makos is not responsible for items left at the beach or on transportation vehicles.

Does Makos provide all equipment?
Yes, Makos provides top of the line soft surfboards, body boards, kayaks, and wetsuits, along with the best instruction and staff of any surf day camp in the world.
What is the earlies I can drop my kids off at Surf Camp and what is the latest I can pick them up?
You can drop off you children at the beach after 8:45AM and must pick them up by 3:00PM.
What is the Makos instructor to camper ratio?
The Makos ratio of instructors to campers is usually one instructor/lifeguard for every six or eight campers. Mini Makos ratio is one instructor to four campers. The maximum ratio is 1:10 but is rarely ever reached. Our ratio fluctuates due to the open enrollment that Makos offers. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and enthusiastic learning environment for each participant.
Do I have to fill out a release form for each of my children?
Yes, each participant must have their own release form filled out and approved by a Malibu Makos registration employee.
Are there sharks at Zuma Beach?
We are unaware of any reported shark attack at Zuma Beach. You should not be afraid of sharks when coming to Malibu Makos because we do not have a problem with them. In fact, there are dolphins that swim along the beach on a regular basis.
Do I have to go surfing for the entire time I spend at Surf Camp?
No, the Malibu Makos Surf Camp does not force you to surf. We want you to have a great time in the ocean so each participant can go at there own level. If you want to surf, then you can surf, if you want to body board, then you can do so. Makos caters to each participant’s needs and provides a positive and safe learning environment for those who want to surf, bodysurf, swim, or try all the activities that we offer.
How do I become a better surfer?

  1. Have a positive attitude and learn to surf because it is fun.
  2. Know your limits and do not exceed them.
  3. Learn about rip currents and other ocean hazards. Click to learn more about ocean safety.
  4. Use the correct equipment.
  5. Feel comfortable with you instructor.
  6. Get instruction from a qualified surf coach.
  7. Ask questions about surfing.
  8. Ask your surf instructor or a lifeguard about ocean conditions before going into the water.
  9. Protect yourself from the sun – Use good sunscreen and wear a hat.
  10. Practice, practice, practice!!!!!!! It is only going to help.
  11. And please help keep the beach and water clean, do not litter!
How clean is the water at Zuma Beach?
Malibu Makos Surf Club location at Zuma Beach is among the cleanest ocean water in Los Angeles County. It usually receives a water grade “A”. The deep water and strong ocean currents off of Point Dume separate the water at Zuma from the rest of the water in Santa Monica Bay.
Do the waves ever get too big or too small for surfing at Makos Surf Camp?
No, the waves at Zuma Beach are generally perfect for learning to surf. When the waves are big, the sand bottom is shallow enough that you can stand and surf the white water all the way to the shore. When the waves are big, there is too much water moving towards the beach, so parents do worry about their children at camp getting swept out to sea. Our job it to keep all participants safe and we do not let them enter the water if we deem the conditions too dangerous. If the waves are big we do not allow kayaks into the water, but surfers and body boarders are okay to a certain extent. Our staff always watches the water and looks out for every participant. The waves have never been to small to go surf at the Malibu Makos Surf Camp. Kids can surf almost anything so do not worry about the waves getting to small. You can always check the waves at Zuma Beach by calling 310-457-9701. The Los Angeles County Lifeguards at Zuma Beach provide surf and weather conditions twice a day at 7AM and 12PM.
How safe is the Malibu Makos Surf Club and its events?
Our highly trained staff provides a safe environment for each participant. Makos has not had severe problem with any participant getting hurt in the ocean. With the help of the Los Angeles County Fire Department and Lifeguards, Makos is the safest ocean camp around. We try to educate all are participants about rip currents and other ocean safety topics before they enter the water. Our water safety is exceptional and our lifeguards are exceptional waterman and women. Do not be surprised to see five or six of our lifeguards watching the water at once. Both the Los Angeles County Lifeguards and Sheriffs frequent the Malibu Makos Surf Camp on a regular basis.
How many Makos lifeguards watch the water at any given time?
Malibu Makos always has lifeguards watching the water. Water safety comes before anything at the beach. We’re proud of our outstanding water supervision. It is not uncommon to see more than four or five Makos lifeguards supervising the water at once. As lifeguards, our job is to keep safe all individuals who enter the ocean and frequent the beaches. All of the Makos’ water staff is CPR certified with an extensive education in water safety. Malibu Makos is the safest surf camp in the world. Just ask any of the LA County Lifeguards at Zuma Beach.


What is the Malibu Makos end of the year party?
Our end of the year party is a fun event for all the campers who have participated in the camp during the summer. The party is held yearly on a Friday in late August from 9AM to 3PM at our Surf Camp location. There is BBQ food, snacks, drinks, candy, games, a kids surf contest, a kids body board contest, a sand castle contest, awards and prizes, professional surfers offering autographs, kayaking, DJ, extra large water slide or bouncy, a large equipment sale (foam (soft) surfboards, body boards, kayaks, wetsuits, and all out fun. The cost is the same as a day of Surf Camp and includes all food, events, and activities. Campers’ friends are invited but keep in mind that anyone (kids) who participates in activities or events must pay and register. All parents are free of charge and welcome to participate in any activities.

Malibu Makos Facts

Started in 1991 by Tom Corliss, Malibu Makos Surf Club is now widely known as Southern California’s premier kids’ surf camp. Makos also offers Saturday surf camp, individual and group surf lessons, private beach parties and corporate events, and private lifeguard services.



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