Best Surf Camp Since 1991!

Since 1991, Malibu Makos Surf Camp, located at Malibu’s Zuma Beach, has taught 5 to 17 years olds how to surf and helped them gain confidence in their ocean abilities.

Best Surf Camp Since 1991!

Since 1991, Malibu Makos Surf Camp, located at Malibu’s Zuma Beach, has taught 5 to 17 years olds how to surf and helped them gain confidence in their ocean abilities.

Malibu Makos Classic Surf Camp and Ocean Safety Camp

Malibu Makos Classic Surf Camp is geared towards young surfers of all abilities. Campers may start at the age of 5 and continue until age 17. We divide our campers into three age groups to ensure everyone has maximum fun and proper attention.

Makos Classic is a high-energy camp that combines the fun and excitement of surf camp with the safety, ocean education, and fitness components found in a junior lifeguard program. Our goals for your child are not only to teach them how to surf but for them to become proficient in all aspects of ocean safety.

All our students gain in-depth “impact zone” knowledge. Learning about rip currents, lateral currents, wave judgment, and inshore holes can truly save lives. Our mission is to help our students understand ocean safety and how it’s best practiced whenever they are in the water.

We have the best staff period! Our core staff members are ocean lifeguards, pro surfers, credentialed teachers, and avid watermen and women whose passion and respect for the ocean is unrivaled!

Camper to instructor ratio is approximately 6:1 (4:1 for Kids 5-8 years old). Your kids will be treated as our own while in our care!


Surfing is always front and center, but Malibu Makos includes kids’ favorite water sports such as body boarding, swimming, and kayaking, along with out-of-water activities that kids love including beach flags, surf ball,  and more. Lots of water time is a major goal each day! Students are never forced to participate in any activity until they are comfortable and are always encouraged to go at their own pace with a positive attitude from Makos staff.


Safety is our primary concern. Makos is one of the safest kids’ ocean camps in Southern California. Our experienced staff includes ocean lifeguards, pro surfers, and credentialed teachers. Instructors have completed a rigorous training program that includes rescue techniques, ocean safety education, first aid, CPR certification, and problem solving and people skills.

"...kind words..."

“If your child loves the ocean, there is no better option for summer camp than Malibu Makos! Inexpensive, convenient transportation, flexible schedule, friendly and helpful staff – and, most importantly, tons of fun!”


 Nataliya O.
Mom – Los Angeles, CA

Grouped By Age, Maximum Fun!


Ages 5-8

With more instructors per camper (1:4) and its own camp area, younger campers surf, learn, and play in a more structured environment than our other age groups.

Mini Makos learn about ocean safety and marine ecology. We’re proud of our highly trained personnel with educational backgrounds specific to the age group and committed to providing the most complete ocean experience for young campers.


Ages 9-11

Our Mega group focuses primarily on surf instruction with a heavy emphasis on physical fitness and ocean safety education. Games and organized activities both in and out of the water are available at all times.


Ages 12-17

Makos campers surf and work on ocean skills in their own area, giving them space to surf and train without interruption from younger students.

Makos are challenged physically and mentally so they can surf the world’s best surf destinations with confidence, good judgment and solid wave knowledge and selection. Games and organized activities in and out of the water are available at all times.


Select from five to nine camp days throughout the summer session, whenever they work for you!

$85 per day



Select ten or more camp days throughout the summer session. Signup for the days best for your camper – we’ll do the rest!

$80 per day



Great if you want a couple of surf camp days to learn to surf in Malibu at the best ocean camp in Southern California.







A Day at Camp

9:00 AM Check In / Registration
9:05 AM Morning Briefing / Sunscreen
9:25 AM Warm-up
9:45 AM Surf
10:00 AM Surf / Body board
11:00 AM Highlighted Training (Surf)
12:00 PM Lunch (Vintage Grocers delivered + $10)
12:30 PM Sunscreen application
12:35 PM Free time / Surf
1:00 PM Surf / Body board / Bodysurf
1:45 PM Beach games
2:30 PM Surf / Pick-up


  • Lunch (bring or buy)
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Sweatshirt
  • Backpack
  • Sandals
  • Rashguard


  • Wetsuits
  • Surfboards
  • Body boards
  • Umbrellas
  • Beach Equipment
  • Lunch option – $10
  • Sunscreen

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