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Malibu Makos Surf Club offers a variety of surf camps, including camps for kids and adults. The best part about attending our So Cal surf school is that our camps are designed for surfers of any ability. Whether surfers are beginners or at a more advanced level, our Santa Monica surf camp will be a fun, exciting way to improve surfing skills. Our staff members include lifeguards, teachers, and pro surfers, and every member of our staff is encouraging, caring, and highly skilled.

Our surf camp is located on Zuma Beach, which offers one of the most expansive, stretches of beach in the state. The location is just a short drive from Malibu, Santa Monica, Agoura, and Calabasas. Although our surf camps focus on surfing, we also incorporate various water and beach games into the camp as well. Some of the activities that are often included in our camps include swimming, running, Makos beach soccer, beach flags, body boarding, beach volleyball, kayaking, surfing, and more. We also focus on ocean safety during our camps, teaching important ocean safety topics, such as beach hazards, lateral currents, rip currents, lifeguard rescue techniques, and more.

When you head to one of our surf camps, we’ll provide you with all the equipment that you need. However, you should bring a few things with you to the Santa Monica surf camp. Bring sunscreen, a bathing suit, backpack, hat, sweatshirt, sandals, and a lunch. If you don’t want to bring your own lunch, you can purchase your lunch at camp.

Safety is our main concern, so we only staff our So Cal surf school with top quality instructors and ocean lifeguards that have gone through rigorous training. The training program includes rescue techniques, CPR and first aid certifications, surf instruction, swimming competitions, ocean safety education, and people skills. Our instructors will allow every student to go at his or her own pace, and motivational techniques are used to ensure that every individual is able to achieve their goals while they have a wonderful time. Students will have all the assistance they need and they can ask for help from instructors at any point during the camp.