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Since 1991 our Kids Surf/Ocean Safety Day Camp (ages 5 to 17) has helped our students not only learn to surf but more importantly gain confidence in their ocean abilities. Our camp is located at Zuma Beach in Malibu, California. Kids Surf Camp runs Monday thru Friday from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. This camp is geared towards young surfers of all abilities. We focus on teaching surfing and ocean safety. All our students will gain in-depth impact zone knowledge. Campers may start at the age of 5 and continue until age 17. The camper to instructor ratio is approximately 6:1 (4:1 for Kids 5-8 years old). We have the best staff possible period. Pro surfers, Los Angeles County and California state lifeguards and credentialed teachers. Our staff is mature, caring and encouraging. You can feel very confident that your kids will be treated as our own while in our care! Having experienced lifeguards and highly trained staff, Malibu Makos takes pride on it’s Kids Camp being the safest ocean camp for children in Southern California. Transportation is available from 9 pick up and drop off locations throughout Southern California. (See links below for locations). A healthy lunch option is offered ( summer camp only) and can be purchased separately during beach check-in each morning for $10 cash. Lunches are made and delivered fresh daily at lunchtime (12:00PM) by Vintage Market. The food is of very high quality and the portions of large. Sample menu options: Cheese pizza- Cheeseburger- Chicken tenders- Chicken caeser salad. All lunches include a drink, side and snack. In the following pages you will find detailed information about our summer surf/ocean safety day camp for children ages 5 and up:

The kids surf ocean safety camp is a high energy camp that combines the fun and excitement of surf camp with the safety, ocean education and fitness components found in a junior lifeguard program. Our goals for your child are not only to teach him or her how to surf but to become proficient in all aspects of ocean safety as well. Learning about rip currents, lateral currents, wave judgment, inshore holes, etc. can truly save lives and it is our mission to help educate our students how to be ocean safe.

Safety is our primary concern. To ensure this we staff our program with ocean lifeguards and Malibu Makos instructors who have completed a rigorous training program. This program consists of proper surf instruction, swimming competions, rescue techniques, ocean safety education, 1st aid and CPR certification, as well as problem solving and people skills. We value the importance of one on one instruction as well as group participation. We allow students to go at their own pace, never forcing them to participate in any given activity. Malibu Makos believes in spending most of our day in the water not on the beach, although games and activities are always available to those who don’t wish to spend all day in the water. There is plenty of free time for students to rest after surfing and playing. Our instructors use positive motivational techniques to help each individual achieve their goals, and perform to the best of their ability, all while having the time of their lives. Students are placed in age and or skill appropriate teams during each session (See below). Each team will have the same core group of instructors and lifeguards throughout the summer giving students a chance to build positive relationships with our staff that will help to get the most out of each student and make the Makos Surf camp experience the very best possible for your child. Grouping students will also give them an opportunity to make new friends as Makos attracts kids from all over the world. If there are siblings or friends whose age or skill does not match they will be allowed to be together in the same group if their ocean skill level permits. Students will be given as much help and assistance as they need and are encouraged to utilize the instructors and ask for help at any time.

Mini Makos is for campers ages 5-8. The program will focus on the specific needs of the younger campers. The Mini Makos will have a higher instructor to camper ratio as well as its own area within camp where younger campers will surf, learn, and play in a more structured environment.

The Mini Makos will not only focus on teaching surfing but stress ocean safety education and marine ecology awareness. The Mini Makos will also feature organized games and activities that are designed to stimulate our campers both physically and mentally. The Mini Makos was created to provide the safest and most enjoyable environment for your children at the beach. Malibu Makos has hired highly trained personnel with educational backgrounds relative to the Mini Makos age group who are committed to providing the most complete experience for all campers

Mega: Mega consists of the 9-11 age group. Mega will focus primarily on surf instruction with a heavy emphasis on physical fitness and ocean safety education. Games and organized activities both in and out of the water are available at all times.

Makos: Makos is for ages 12 years and up. Makos will spend time surfing and working on ocean skills in their own area, giving them space to surf and train without interruption from our younger students.

They will be challenged both physically and mentally in hopes of preparing them to surf the world’s best surf destinations with confidence, good judgment and solid wave knowledge and selection. Games and organized activities both in and out of the water are available at all times.