While surfing may look easy, there’s a lot to learn if you’re a beginner. Like any other sport, it takes some hard work and practice. If you’re ready to take surfing lessons in Malibu, here’s a look at some helpful surfing tips for beginners to keep in mind.

Find the Surf Board Balance Point

Every surfboard has a center of gravity and when you lay on a surfboard, you need to find the balance point. When you’re just learning, it’s a good idea to find this point and then mark the point where your chin is. This way you hit the same spot every time.

Paddle Using a Crawl Stroke

Don’t make the mistake of paddling with both arms at the same time. Instead, make sure you paddle using a crawl stroke so you keep up a constant speed in the water.

Learn to Sit on the Board

After you master lying on the board, you need to know how to sit on it. It may feel wobbly at first. Just try being still and calm.

Practice Standing Up on Land

Even though you’ve known how to stand up all your life, it’s a lot different doing it on a board in the water. Practice standing up from lying on the board while your board is on the sand. Practice over and over again until you master this on land. Then, you can try it in the water.

Choose a Basic Board

You should start with a basic board that matches your size. Soft boards are great options for beginners that want to learn to surf LA.

Choose a Good Spot

Since you’re a beginner, you want to start surfing on a sandy, straight shoreline that doesn’t have any reefs and rocks.

Watch Your Board Position

You never want to have the board between you and the oncoming waves. The waves could make the board bash into your head.

Wear A Leash

Beginners taking surf lessons Malibu should also wear a leash. This way you don’t lose your board and you have the buoyancy of the board if you fall off.

Pay Attention to Surfing Etiquette

This means you wait your turn when you’re in the lineup. Don’t drop in on someone else who’s catching a wave. Paying attention to surfing etiquette shows respect for others and prevents accidents.

Learn to Apply Surf Wax

You need surf wax on your board so you don’t slip off. Get the right wax for the water temperature and apply plenty of wax so you have traction on the board.

Malibu Makos Facts

Started in 1991 by Tom Corliss, Malibu Makos Surf Club is now widely known as Southern California’s premier kids’ surf camp. Makos also offers Saturday surf camp, individual and group surf lessons, private beach parties and corporate events, and private lifeguard services.

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