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Started in 1991, the Malibu Makos Surf Club includes educators, ocean lifeguards, surfers, and other professionals that offer surf lessons Malibu. The club was formed to provide expert training, instruction, and supervision for individuals engaging in various beach and ocean activities. We are proud to offer group and private surfing lessons Malibu CA, corporate events, birthday parties, and surf camps for both children and adults. When individuals use our programs, they will have the chance to enjoy an exciting, fun, and safe experience while they are enjoying being in the ocean or on the beach. We also make sure that we emphasize respect for the environment, as well as safety when we work with groups or individuals.

At Malibu Makos Surf Club, we ensure that we offer groups and individuals the best experience. Our club offers only qualified, trained instructors, who take time to teach students of all ages about ocean safety, respecting the beaches, how to surf, and more. We’re passionate about the ocean and beaches, and we work to pass that information on to all of our students.

All of the instructors at Malibu Makos have surfing knowledge, experience, and teaching expertise. We provide lessons for beginners, intermediate instruction, and advanced surfing lessons. At every level, our instructors are able to offer instruction and advice that will help surfers learn to improve their skills. Not only do we offer kids surf camps, mobile surf camps, and private surf lessons Malibu, we also offer corporate events and group lessons. We work with individuals in Malibu and the surrounding area.

We are passionate about surfing and experiencing the beauty of our local beaches and ocean. When we provide surf lessons and training in other beach and ocean activities, our passion for surfing and the ocean is shared with our students, no matter their age. Our kind, courteous instructors not only ensure that students learn, but they make it fun, ensuring that every student has a awesome time. Malibu Makos also provides all the needed equipment for lessons, so students don’t need to worry about purchasing the equipment needed to begin their surfing journey.